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Perfect Pet Rescue recommended that I talk to Dee Green after being bitten by my dog, Yallie, and although I was hesitant at first, I am really glad I did.  She instructed me to do things that I never would have thought of, that show him that I am the leader.  And, she let me know (in a very nice way) those things I was doing that were wrong.  I have been following Dee’s advice and Yallie has been very receptive and a great little dog.

Right after I was bitten, I was not confident that this relationship would work.  I thought I might have to return Yallie.  I now feel that with the help I have gotten from Dee, I can overcome the issues that lead to the bite.  Because of what she taught me, I have a much better understanding of Yallie, which has certainly diminished my fears.
D. Howard, West Hollywood


My vet recommended Dee Green to help us with our dogs’ behavior problems, because they had basically taken over our house.  It was impossible to manage four dogs before we met Dee. 

We saw the results immediately.  I cannot begin to tell you what a good investment training with Dee has been.  We can now enjoy our home without having to clean up after our dogs all the time.  They seem much happier, and calmer, and most importantly they know who their pack leader is!
S. Golden, MD, Westchester


Dee, thank you for your help with Carmen.  She is a totally different dog!  I couldn't believe that I could walk her next to dogs and through a crowd of people with cars driving by, like I did today!  You did a great job getting her over her issues.
C. Nguyen, Orange County


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